Try Displaying the New Way… Jerzee Art.

Our sports figures not only display your jersey, they bring it to life. Better than the traditional two dimensional frame. Our creative design allows you to easily assemble and mount the jersey. Simply slip the jersey over the head then insert each arm into the sleeves and attach at the shoulder. You can then hang it flat against the wall.

Why Use Jerzee Art?

As the creators of this innovative jersey display system we believe that our product offers many advantages over the traditional framing method.

  • Our display brings the action to life
  • Hangs flat against the wall
  • No need to go to a framer you can assemble yourself
  • You can take the jersey down when you want to wear it
  • The jersey is not destroyed with glue and stitching which is used in traditional framing
  • Less expensive than traditional framing
  • Easily display your family’s High School and College jerseys
  • Great gift option
  • Offers versatility as a point of purchase display